"The beauty of working with Nationwide Inventory Professionals™ is that you receive guidance from experienced professionals who are with you every step of the way."


work-at-homeThank you for your interest in the personal property inventory industry, and specifically in Nationwide Inventory Professionals™. This premier Business Package and License Agreement is the most thorough and comprehensive program in our industry. We not only teach you how to complete inventories for homes and businesses, we also share our years of knowledge and experience so you can learn the industry quickly.Here is your opportunity to own a home-based business, be your own boss, and work a flexible schedule. If you dream of being an entrepreneur, we will provide the resources and support to help you achieve success.
While we don’t know your particular reason for being here, others have stated:
  • They’ve grown tired of working for someone else and long to be their own boss.
  • To get ahead, particularly in this economy, they know they must be proactive.
  • Some are aware that allowing someone else to decide what they’re worth doesn’t work.
  • Owning owning their own business has been a life-long dream.

Whether you fit into one or more of the above categories, or you have a dream all your own, Nationwide Inventory Professionals is here to help you achieve it.


Nationwide Inventory Professionals™ can help fulfill your entrepreneurial dream of owning a home inventory business. We provide you with the tools and support to get started, then grow your business.

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The Personal Property (Home) Inventory Industry

Though there have been home inventory service providers for decades, the asset inventory industry has just recently become formally organized. Therefore, the market is wide open for all inventory professionals, giving many opportunities to develop a customer base. The reasons for this increased interest in home and business inventories are, among others, 1) the news media are covering disasters more than in the past which brings a greater awareness of the need for this information, 2) insurance companies and agents are encouraging policyholders to obtain a personal property inventory of the contents of their home and/or business, 3) executors don’t have time to create the list of the estate’s assets, and 4) businesses have a variety of needs for a document of their contents. These are just examples of the many reasons to document personal property.

A personal property inventory service is a high profit margin business that can be tailored to meet your goals, whether you want to create a full-time business or take it slow and keep your current job and build your business on a part-time basis. Flexibility, the opportunity to begin now to build a strong financial future, and the pride that comes with being an entrepreneur, are all yours while you enjoy the tax benefits of being a home-based business.

The Nationwide Inventory Professionals Advantage

You will have access to a tried and true inventory system that includes a comprehensive marketing package, rights to a multitude of trademarked and copyrighted intellectual property, extensive one-on-one training, unlimited mentoring and consulting, and enjoy the value and recognition of a national brand – all with one goal in mind: to help you achieve success quickly.

The founders have already been through the long learning process. so you don’t have to spend months trying to figure it all out. In fact,  you will be able to be in business within weeks, saving months of preparation and costly trial-and-error. You have the benefit of our expertise and knowledge accumulated over many successful years in this industry. The founders started their own inventory service in 2004 and remain active in the industry today, knowing that the best way to help others is to stay entrenched in the day-to-day activity of being an inventory service provider.

The manual includes the proven and successful inventory process that was designed after investing an exceptional amount of time researching and consulting with insurance agents, insurance adjusters, estate attorneys, and financial planners. You will know that you are providing a service and finished product that meets the needs of these industries as well as the needs of your clients.

Your dream to own your own business – to have the pride, economic benefits, and freedom it can bring you – is right here right now! Reach out and grab your future! To learn more, click here – it is your link to success.


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