"The beauty of working with Nationwide Inventory Professionals™ is that you receive guidance from experienced professionals who are with you every step of the way."

Business Package and License Agreement

More than just marketing materials, a start-up kit, or software programs that may become outdated, Nationwide Inventory Professionals offers a thorough, comprehensive Business Package and License Agreement. You’ll receive one-on-one mentoring, plus access to processes and procedures you need to catapult your business to success — more quickly than you ever dreamed possible! Of course, there’s work involved — the same as if you purchase any other business package, business opportunity, franchise, or start-up kit.

You will benefit by gaining the expertise, knowledge, and guidance from trusted advisors — the very people who created the system on which your business is based. That’s what you’ll get when you invest in this inventory Business Package.


You are making an investment sure to bring tremendous rewards through a proven system that will get you started in your own home inventory business in just weeks.

The Nationwide Inventory Professionals Business Package and License Agreement will provide similar, if not more, assistance when compared to more expensive business opportunities and packages. An affordable investment in your future supplies you with the following support and benefits:

  • National branded logo with your company name.
  • Website with personalized pages.
  • Detailed manual containing successful processes, procedures, sales, and marketing.
  • Downloadable templates that include correspondence, customer follow-up process, checklists, business worksheets, and more.
  • Marketing materials pre-formatted, including business cards, brochures, flyers, and presentation outlines.
  • Personalized monthly electronic newsletter written and distributed for you.
  • Rights to copyrighted and trademarked material.
  • Business plan template created specifically for the personal property inventory sector.
  • Press release written and distributed, announcing your new business.
  • 1st year membership with the National Inventory Certification Association (NICA).
  • Certification as a Certified Inventory Specialist through NICA.
  • Certified Licensees are accepted into the Chubb Preferred Service Provider Network.
  • Continued mentoring and consulting — guaranteed in your contract.

As you develop and grow your business, you will receive the resources you need, as often as you need them. We will be with you every step of the way, providing experience, knowledge, and mentoring. Yet it’s your independent business. You own the company — and you reap the rewards!


Rather than the canned formats that most training programs offer, we provide one-on-one consulting to meet your needs. Too often, structured training covers a great deal of information that some already know, thus wasting valuable time to get your business started. Therefore, you will benefit from personal one-on-one sessions from the founders or a trained, certified consultant.

This telephone consulting method allows us to meet your specific needs without you incurring additional expenses traveling for a training session. With today’s technology, you are able to learn in the comfort of your home, at a regularly scheduled time, and at your chosen pace.

With that said, some prefer to learn through face-to-face interaction. You have the option to receive an on-site walk-through of a full-house inventory and processing the information into the recommended finished product created to deliver to the client.

Mentoring / Consulting

We don’t just teach you how to do an inventory; we teach you about the industry. This is important because there is more to providing a professional inventory than just taking video or pictures and writing things down. The goal of the first few sessions is to give you a comfort level of the industry and your inventory service. Having the knowledge and ability to present yourself professionally will be a key element when you begin to promote your business.

Other topics that are covered in your telephone sessions include business development, marketing strategies, sales techniques, best practices, pricing your service in your market area, and any specific questions you have. We know that often people don’t know what they don’t know. After all, this is a new business for you. Therefore, once all your questions are answered, we have a checklist of nearly 100 items that you and your consultant will discuss during the scheduled mentoring sessions. Suggested articles and other reading material are other aspects of the coaching process.

Since this is your business, you will determine the speed in which we cover these topics. Remember, this is designed to meet your needs, and you will always have access to your consultant as long as you remain a Licensee. Just email or call and we will be there to assist you.

We are proud to be the only ones in the industry to provide this level of support.


Written in a conversational tone by a professional writer, you will find this 200+ page manual easy to read and comprehend. It will serve as a reference how-to guide during your learning stages of the business, then as a resource thereafter. Provided electronically in the Licensee Area of the website, it is in pdf format so you can search for a specific topic or key words to easily find the information you’re seeking. Some of the topics included in the manual are:


  • Know your target markets
  • Networking
  • Speaking engagements/presentations


  • Handling objections
  • Sales techniques
  • Pricing your service


  • Equipment and supplies
  • The proven process
  • Tips on conducting a thorough inventory

There are many other topics in the manual which is designed to be a resource, not a book you read once and then never look at it again. We update the information, adding improved processes, new marketing ideas, and ways to connect with new ancillary markets. Therefore, your electronic asset inventory service guide is always up to date.

Certification and online, self-paced courses

Licensees receive their 1st year membership and the courses required to achieve certification as a Certified Inventory Specialist (CIS) through the National Inventory Certification Association.

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