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You will have access to a tried and true system refined over many years of trial-and-error. Key elements include a comprehensive marketing package, rights to a multitude of trademarked and copyrighted intellectual property, extensive one-on-one mentoring, and national certification. All with one goal in mind: to help you achieve success quickly.

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At first glance, creating an inventory seems as easy as counting items and taking pictures. However, learning the industry, developing procedures, knowing how to market the service, etc., can be a long, often daunting process – especially when you’re anxious to get started! Learn how you can be doing business in 30 days or less, with knowledge and confidence!

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We don’t know your particular reason for wanting to start an inventory business; others have stated they want to:

  • be their own boss.
  • spend more time with family.
  • have control over their income.
  • fulfill a life-long dream.

Whether one of these is your reason, or you have a dream all your own, we can help you achieve it.


You will receive access to proven procedures designed after researching and consulting with various industry professionals who benefit from and refer their clients for home and business inventory services. In addition to the detailed manual, you receive document templates and professionally written marketing materials. The most valuable component, though, is access to the founders’ knowledge and experience.

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Writing content, developing and maintaining a website, and writing and sending monthly newsletters all take time away from working on your business. Your License Agreement includes a personalized logo, website, and electronic newsletters written and distributed for you. Continued mentoring and support to help you start and grow your business are also part of the ongoing License Agreement.

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There is a surge of awareness from ancillary industries as our industry grows. Insurance agents encourage policyholders to have a home or business inventory. Estate attorneys refer inventory professionals to their executor clients to complete the emotional estate inventory task. CPAs and financial planners recommend an inventory to homeowners and business owners to know the value of their assets.

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Our approach to preparing you for your new business is not the typical canned training. Mentoring and sharing our experiences is much preferred. Rather than just teach you how to do an inventory; we teach you the industry. Topics we’ll discuss are business development, marketing strategies, pricing your service – and anything else you need to develop your business. All this through one-on-one support.

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The founders have already endured the long learning process of trial-and-error, so you don’t have to figure it all out. In fact, with their knowledge and support, you will be able to be in business within 30 days. The Hartmans started their own inventory service in 2004 and remain active today, because the best way to help others is to stay entrenched in the day-to-day activities of being an inventory professional.

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The Licensees of Nationwide Inventory Professionals is a group of dedicated independent business owners who are certified, bonded, and insured. They receive continued support through mentoring and coaching by the founders who have been called the leaders in the industry. When you are seeking a home or business inventory professional, visit our Directory to locate one near you.