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Gain access to a tried and true system refined over many years of trial-and-error. The Business Package and License Agreement were developed with one goal in mind: to help you achieve success … quickly.

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Starting a business from scratch can be daunting! Learn answers to some Frequently Asked Questions regarding how we can help you be ready to do business in 30 days or less, with knowledge and confidence!

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Many want to start an inventory business so they can 1) be their own boss, 2) spend more time with family, or 3) help others. Whether one of these is your reason, or you have a dream all your own, we can help you achieve it.


You will receive an operations manual, a business plan template created specifically for this industry, and – the most valuable component of the Business Package – knowledge gained through mentoring and consulting.

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The optional License Agreement  includes a personalized website with a unique domain, logo, electronic newsletters written and distributed for you, and downloadable business documents, plus a licensee-only resources website.

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Insurance agents, attorneys, financial planners, and CPAs encourage clients to have an inventory of their assets. This growing awareness of personal property inventory services has helped create increasing recognition of our industry.

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Our approach is not typical canned training on just how to do an inventory. We also teach you the industry. We do this through one-on-one mentoring on topics such as business development, marketing your business, pricing your services – anything you need to develop your business.

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Since starting their inventory business in 2004, the founders have endured the long learning process of trial-and-error. By working with them, you won’t have those struggles! With their support, you will be able to be in business within 30 days!

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Meet a group of dedicated independent business owners who are certified, bonded, and insured. Licensees receive continued support from the founders who have been called the leaders in the industry. Visit our Directory to locate a home inventory professional near you.