About Us

Mission: To Help Others Achieve Success.

Our mission is very simple, but all-encompassing: To Help Others Achieve Success. Nationwide Inventory Professionals provides the highest quality and most comprehensive inventory Business Package and License Agreement for the personal property inventory industry. Aligned with our mission, we share decades of knowledge and experience with those beginning and growing an inventory business. Helping entrepreneurs shorten the long, arduous start-up process most new small businesses owners face is extremely rewarding.


Mike and Cindy Hartman

Cindy and Mike Hartman decided after working for decades in the corporate world that it was finally time to pursue a life-long dream of business ownership. Seeking an opportunity to fulfill their passion to help others, the couple discovered the home inventory industry.


During their research, they had many conversations with homeowners and business owners who had to file insurance claims without the help of a prepared list of contents. They also met executors of their sibling’s or parent’s estate who struggled to provide the inventory required by the State. Adding that new-found knowledge to their own experience of not having an inventory when they needed one, the couple established Hartman Inventory in 2004.


Prior to becoming entrepreneurs, Cindy’s corporate background includes leadership roles in human resources, training, marketing, finance, and association management. Industries in which she was employed represent an equally varied opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, including manufacturing, education, distribution, and non-profit.


Mike’s professional experience comes from sales, operations, and many levels of management, including General Manager for a multi-million dollar facility. He endured many buy-outs, downsizings, and mergers over the years which encouraged him to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.


Together, the couple offer a very broad and balanced background which enabled them to create a successful asset inventory business. After many years of refining their processes and honing their skills, they realized the opportunity to help others could expand past direct inventory clients. With this goal in mind, the couple founded Nationwide Inventory Professionals. The stress, lost revenue, and trial-and-error that they endured when starting their inventory service is greatly reduced for the Licensees through the knowledge and experience they have today.


Cindy uses her freelance writing experience to help educate others of the need for an inventory of their belongings and in the process has achieved the status of Diamond Expert Author for EzineArticles.com and Expert Author for RetireNet.com. Sharing their knowledge for the do-it-yourselfers, Cindy and Mike co-authored the books, Home Inventory – A Guide for Homeowners and RentersA Business Guide to Asset Inventory, and RV Contents Inventory.


They continue to serve the personal property inventory sector, taking lead roles in helping to establish consistency and unity within the industry. They are Managing Director and Executive Director, respectively, of the National Inventory Certification Association™ (NICA), the officially recognized certifying entity for the asset inventory industry. Cindy has contributed to the continuing education program by authoring some of the courses.


Cindy has volunteered for a number of non-profit organizations over many years, concentrating on fundraising and event planning. Also giving back to the community, Mike coached a variety of youth sports programs in Ohio and Indiana. They both serve as board members for the non-profit Hendricks County Educational Media Corporation, WYRZ-FM.


Sean HartmanSean Hartman became interested in entrepreneurship after watching his parents create Hartman Inventory, then develop Nationwide Inventory Professionals. When it was time for an additional member to join the company, he was the perfect fit. Sean is an energetic professional, bringing with him extensive sales and management experience gained over 25 years in multiple industries. He applies his conversational and consultative abilities to this position with Nationwide Inventory Professionals. While he continues his full-time employment elsewhere, he is learning the many facets of the industry with the intent to assume ownership when Mike and Cindy choose to retire.


Sean’s proven ability to increase efficiencies, solve problems, and improve the bottom line offer a sound business acumen to also earn him a seat on the Board of Directors of the National Inventory Certification Association. His formal education is a combination that is unique; he earned a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education and a Masters in Business Administration, bringing a combination of knowledge that is beneficial for this education association. This volunteer opportunity has helped him learn the inventory industry at another level, which benefits those inquiring about and investing in the Nationwide Inventory Business Package and License Agreement.