About Us

Mission: To Help Others Achieve Success.

Our mission is very simple, but all-encompassing: To Help Others Achieve Success. Nationwide Inventory Professionals provides the highest quality and most comprehensive inventory Business Package and License Agreement for the personal property inventory industry. Aligned with our mission, we share decades of knowledge and experience with those beginning and growing an inventory business. Helping entrepreneurs shorten the long, arduous start-up process most new small business owners face is extremely rewarding.


Mike and Cindy Hartman

Cindy and Mike Hartman decided after working for decades in the corporate world that it was finally time to pursue a life-long dream of business ownership. Seeking an opportunity to fulfill their passion to help others, the couple discovered the home inventory industry.


During their research, they had many conversations with homeowners and business owners who had to file insurance claims without the help of a prepared list of contents. They also met executors of estates who struggled to provide the inventory required by the State. Adding that newfound knowledge to their own experience of not having an inventory after a burglary, the couple established Hartman Inventory in 2004.


Prior to becoming entrepreneurs, their corporate backgrounds enabled them to create a successful asset inventory business. Cindy’s experience includes human resources, training, marketing, education, finance, and association management. Mike’s professional roles included sales, operations, and various levels of management, including the General Manager for a multi-million dollar facility. They endured buy-outs, downsizings, and mergers over the years, which encouraged them to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. After many years of trial and error growing Hartman Inventory, refining their processes, and honing their skills, they realized the importance of helping others, which could expand past direct inventory clients. Thus, they founded Nationwide Inventory Professionals.