April is National Home Inventory Month

Home Inventory MonthThe National Inventory Certification Association (NICA) announced that April is National Home Inventory Month. NICA provides education and certification for home inventory service providers. These professionals create written and photographic documents that serve a variety of life events for homeowners and renters. The focus of National Home Inventory Month (NHIM) is to raise awareness of the value and benefits of a home inventory.


NICA’s mission is To provide awareness and education. Establishing a specific month to focus on the need for a home inventory supports this initiative. NICA members agree that a concerted effort by the association and all inventory professionals together will raise awareness of the many life events that require or benefit from having this information prepared. This association has brought home inventory professionals together through a universal curriculum and industry certifications. The result is a cohesiveness in what was once a very segmented industry. Additional awareness throughout the US will benefit each professional as well as the homeowners and renters who now understand and see the value of having a document of what they own.


Recurring disasters, increased thefts, and a growing desire to protect one’s assets have encouraged the growth of this service industry. In addition to helping policyholders remember and prove ownership when filing an insurance claim, home inventory documents also assist with estate settlement, financial and estate planning, separation of assets, pre-nuptials, and documenting collectibles. Busy lifestyles have encouraged many to hire an inventory professional to compile this information for their residences, vacation homes, apartments, and off-site storage units.


Nationwide Inventory Professionals is proud that all Licensees have achieved the designation as Certified Inventory Specialists (CIS), awarded by NICA, and the majority are participating in the efforts of National Home Inventory Month. Many Licensees have also achieved the designation as Certified Appraisal Examiners (CAE).  For more information about National Home Inventory Month, visit the NICA website.