Build Relationships to Grow Your Business

Do  you find it time consuming and tiring to continually search for a new direct customer? Of course, this is one way to build your business, and should be part of your marketing mix. However, there are other ways to locate potential new clients without the daily grind of cold-calling, networking, and knocking on door after door. A less time-consuming tactic is to develop relationships with referral partners.


An an example, one of my business is a home and business asset inventory service. We provide personal property inventories for many reasons, one being prepared for a disaster. This prepared document will assist our client by providing proof of ownership and identifying information when it’s time to file an insurance claim. Though I do network, and discuss my business with individuals, it is easier for me to locate my prospective client base through an insurance agent. The insurance agents know who has a “be prepared” attitude, who values what they own, and who understands that without an inventory they will most likely not recover sufficiently to replace all that was lost. The relationships established with a number of insurance agents provide a continued, and much appreciated, stream of new clients. Without their referrals, the odds are high that their clients would not know of our service, or would hesitate to call us.

Identify key professionals

Building relationships with any segment of the business community can be beneficial for any industry. Identify the key professionals who could refer business your way, and you both win. They now have a trusted resource that they can confidently refer to their clients, and you are now receiving referred business without spending as much time one-on-one with prospects.


Of course, you will always need to find the direct customer, but how nice it is to have phone calls coming in saying, “so-and-so suggested I call you.” Not only are they referred by their trusted advisor, but often they have already decided to purchase your service.  Since I found this to be a solid process to grow my inventory business, we have perfected this process and now share our procedures with our Licensees of Nationwide Inventory Professionals.


If you don’t use this type of method to build your customer base, think of who would be an excellent referral partner. You can also find people for whom you would be a good referral source. You’ll be building relationships, while helping each other build your businesses. It’s an easier and quicker avenue to success!