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Business Package and License Agreement

More than just marketing materials, a start-up kit, or a software program that may become outdated, Nationwide Inventory Professionals offers a thorough Business Package to assist you with starting and growing your personal property inventory business. You’ll receive one-on-one mentoring, plus access to processes and procedures you need to catapult your business to success — more quickly than you ever dreamed possible! Of course, there’s work involved — the same as if you purchase any other business package, business opportunity, franchise, or start-up kit.



Business Package


Start with decades of knowledge and experience! There isn’t a better way to start a business than to work with the leaders of the industry who enjoy sharing their knowledge. The Business Package includes a comprehensive manual, industry-specific business plan, and one-on-one consulting.


The manual. Written in a conversational tone, you will find this manual easy to read and comprehend. It will serve as a how-to guide during your learning stages of the business, then as a resource thereafter. Created in pdf format, you can search for a specific topic or keywords to easily find the information you’re seeking. Some of the topics included in the manual are Marketing Your Business, Sales Techniques, Working with Referral Sources/Trusted Advisors, Speaking Engagements/Presentations, and suggested Processes.


Mentoring and Consulting. You won’t just learn how to do an inventory; you’ll learn about the industry. This is important because there is more to providing a professional inventory service than just documenting items. Rather than the canned formats that most training programs offer, you will receive scheduled one-on-one consulting sessions to meet your needs. Too often, structured training covers a great deal of information that you might already know, thus wasting valuable time to get your business started.


The goal of the first few sessions is to give you a comfort level in the industry and your inventory service by addressing your immediate questions. Having this knowledge to present yourself professionally will be a key element when you begin to promote your business. It is common knowledge that people don’t know what they don’t know. The same is true for the home and business inventory industry. After all, this is a new business for you. Therefore, once all your questions are answered, we have a checklist of items to discuss during the scheduled mentoring sessions.


Since this is your business, you will determine the speed at which we cover these topics. Knowledge is extremely important, and the answer to any question is just a phone call away. We are proud to be the only ones in the industry to provide this level of support.


Business Plan. The business plan template was created specifically for the personal property inventory sector. You can use it as it is and just enter your specific demographics and other statistics, or you can edit the entire document as you wish.



License Agreement (Optional)


Some choose to create their own website, write their own newsletters, and be completely on their own after a few months of mentoring. Others prefer to have their website developed and newsletters written and distributed since those tasks take time away from working on the business. An optional License Agreement, renewable annually, is an affordable investment that provides the following:


  • Branded logo with your company name.
  • Secure website with personalized pages, meeting all the GDPR and Americans With Disabilities Act requirements.
  • Downloadable templates that include correspondence, customer follow-up, checklists, business worksheets, and more.
  • Marketing materials, pre-formatted for you to personalize, including brochures, flyers, and rack cards.
  • Licensee-only private website that contains a plethora of information and documents.
  • Newsletter written and distributed monthly on your personalized template.



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