Central Indiana Licensee Earns Certified Appraisal Examiner Designation

Certified Inventory Specialist Kate LeGrand, owner of Capital Counts Inventory, completed her Appraisal Examiner Certification.

Kate LeGrand, Certified Inventory Specialist and owner of Capital Counts Inventory, recently achieved the additional designation of Certified Appraisal Examiner (CAE). This certification is designed to serve the appraisal needs of direct personal property inventory clients as well as filling the examiner role for the appraisal industry.


Kate’s background in Accounting and Business Management provides the background to value the benefits for continuing education. She chose to add this second industry achievement to her previously-earned Certified Inventory Specialist (CIS) designation through the National Inventory Certification Association (NICA). The CIS is an all-encompassing industry recognition while the CAE focuses specifically on the examiner process for the appraisal industry. Achieving the CIS designation was a prerequisite to applying for the Certified Appraisal Examiner. She was also required to successfully complete the Customer Service and Appraisal Examiner courses, plus one additional course chosen from the NICA curriculum.


The CAE designation has been instrumental to the appraisal industry. Recognition for this specialized service enables appraisal firms to locate certified, qualified examiners. Additionally, this niche also provides opportunities for the home inventory professional to increase their service options.


When completing an inventory service for residential and commercial clients, the inventory professional is often asked if they know the value of items, or if they can refer an appraiser. LeGrand is now able to fill this request. This is due to the similarity of information collected whether for an inventory service or the examiner service. When serving as an Appraisal Examiner, the home inventory professional records the required information then sends it to the participating appraiser. Kate expanded on this by stating, “Appraisers who secure a project in Central Indiana, but are located out of state, can now contact me to collect the information. This saves them time and money on travel, as required in the past. Also, if I am compiling a home inventory and discover items that should be appraised, I can arrange for this, removing the need for my client to hire a separate company and secure the time involved scheduling another appointment.”


Achieving this next level provides LeGrand with the credentials to expand the scope of her home and business inventory services. Mike Hartman, owner of Nationwide Inventory Professionals, stated, “Kate’s success is our success, and this new opportunity that we’ve introduced to our licensees has been well received. Kate sees the potential of growth for her business, and has already completed her first examiner project.”


Based in Plainfield, Indiana, Capital Counts Inventory offers residential, business, collections, estate, and appraisal examiner services.