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If you have arrived at this website searching for inventory or appraisal services rather than wanting to start your own inventory business, we welcome you to view our directory below. Many Licensees travel throughout the United States, providing inventory and appraisal services in geographic areas where an inventory professional is not available. If we do not have a Licensee in your area, please contact our office to determine availability.




Trusted Inventory – Cynthia Breazeale, CAE, CIS

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Trusted Inventory Address 25005 Blue Ravine Rd, Ste 110 #124 Folsom CA 95630 United States Phone: 916-790-6464 Website: Trusted Inventory


We are confident that each of our Licensees provides a professional, confidential, and ethical service. However, due to each being an independent business owner, we do not imply a guarantee and will be held harmless from actions of our Licensees.


This Directory is provided solely for informational purposes to assist home owners and business owners locate an inventory professional to inquire about and/or obtain their services. This information may not be used to market products or services to these Licensees.