Entrepreneur or Salesperson?

I have spoken to many people who want to start a business. They see the excitement of not only owning the company, but owning their time as well. Most mention the freedom of working the hours they choose.


Many also visualize the pride, excitement, and success they anticipate that can come with being an entrepreneur. All is good, right? Until the topic of sales enters the conversation.


“Sales?” they say. “SALES?” It’s like I just threw a bucket of ice water on them.

Business ownership equates to being in sales

They say that they don’t want to sell; they want to be the owner.


I don’t like to burst people’s bubbles, but if you are a business owner, you are also a salesperson. If you cannot talk about your company, your product, or your services, how will you grow your business? But you have a sales manager and a sales staff! That doesn’t matter – as the owner of the business, you are always “on” when it comes to promoting your business. You are always “in sales.”


I know one person who wouldn’t call people back. Someone would say they aren’t interested right now, but “please call me in a few weeks.” The call was never made, because this business owner thought that the person was just being nice. How many lost dollars were left behind because of the fear of selling?


Others shared that they really enjoyed creating the business, establishing the processes, doing all the prep work that goes into a start-up. But then reality hit when it was time to go find business. They couldn’t even talk to friends about it. Nervousness and uncertainty set in. There are many marketing initiatives to promote the business, but in the end, success in sales is what seals the deal.

Achieving success

With the Nationwide Inventory Professionals business package and license agreement, we share years of experience in the asset inventory industry. We provide business processes, knowledge of years gained in the industry, a certification program, and much more. Almost everything you need to succeed – to win at being a business owner. Almost.


There is one thing we cannot provide.




If the business owner is without self-confidence, motivation, and a desire to succeed in sales, sales will not happen. And without sales, the company cannot exist. Winning at entrepreneurship requires winning at sales.


Before starting any business, ask yourself how you feel about sales. Ask yourself if you’re an entrepreneur AND a salesperson. The answer will help guide you what direction is best for you to take.