Entrepreneurship – Two Sides To The Story

Many people want to own a business, or at least like the idea of the freedom of being a business owner. So why is it that many start a business and give up, often before they have given themselves a chance to succeed?


You can find the answer by reading articles that state how difficult it is to start and grow a business. Comments include that you’ll have years of long hours that are required to create a successful business. Days turn into nights and you don’t even notice you’ve been “at it” for so long without a break. Social lives are put on hold while your new business consumes you. The daily grind, especially in the beginning, can be grueling.  You have meetings, phone calls, letters, emails, networking events … the list of things that demand your time is enormous. The learning curve can be long, resulting in a lack of sufficient revenue.


Then all of a sudden, what seemed like a really wonderful idea turns into a life of commitment and dedication that wasn’t expected. Being in the trenches of starting and building a business is hard work. It takes perseverance. It takes confidence in yourself and in your product or service. And it takes motivation.


So what keeps entrepreneurs going?


A positive response from an email or letter, a meeting that you know will help you move forward, and a connection you made at a networking event all provide renewed energy because they bring you one step closer to success. The long hours begin to prove worth everything you’ve given.


This new-found energy provides fuel for your motivation gene (if there is such a thing). The motivation gets you energized so you can continue to press on. You know the result will eventually be a sale. Then another sale, and another, and you’re on your way!


Finally, exhaustion, frustration, and self-doubt are replaced by success. The question is, are you willing to go through the tough times, the sleepless nights, lack of funds, and the resulting stress to achieve success?