Answers To Some Common Questions

When you have chosen to start a business, you want to jump in and get going. However, it is important to fully understand what any business package includes. Doing your due diligence when comparing the various opportunities to assist you in starting your own home and business inventory service is essential. Below are the most common questions asked about our Business Package and License Agreement.


How Can I Be Ready To Do Business Within 30 Days?


We have established an efficient process to help you have all the marketing materials in place and have basic industry knowledge so you have comfort level to do your first inventory – all within 30 days. While you’re reading the manual and completing tasks we suggest, we are creating your logo, website, and newsletter template. It’s amazing to watch it all come together, knowing you’ve developed your new business! Yes, it takes focus, and we’re here to mentor and guide you to that end.


Why This business model?


This business model offers a different approach than a start-up kit or a marketing package. It’s easy to start a business. The tough part is staying in business! You’ll learn from those who have made the mistakes already, years ago — so that you don’t have to! Nationwide Inventory Professionals will help you learn the industry, including how to market your services. You will learn the tried-and-proven processes the founders established and are still successful today. Mentoring, sharing of knowledge, and discussing past experiences are all part of the support you receive.


The ultimate choices about how you run your business and the types of services you offer are up to you. The guidance you receive will help you make an educated decision on how you want to do business. Much more help than you’ll receive from a start-up kit; a lot less restriction than a franchise. It really is the best of both worlds – independent business ownership along with a mentor to help you start and grow your business.


What type of training is offered?


We do not offer traditional types of training. Rather than canned formats, we prefer open communication. Each Licensee receives continued, as-needed mentoring and coaching via email and telephone on a one-on-one basis. This allows for your specific needs to be met in a timely manner, instead of taking you through pre-recorded training on topics you might not need to cover. We answer the questions you have; you determine the topic you need/want to discuss towards creating a successful business. Additionally, the manual contains a plethora of marketing, sales, operations, and step-by-step processes and procedures to provide a professional inventory service.


What are the start-up costs?


Starting a business on your own — even a home-based business — often means getting hit with unforeseen expenses. When you start a business, you don’t yet know what you don’t know, which makes it hard to plan a budget. What will it cost to have a quality website built? Who will write your newsletters, and what will that cost? Most business owners state the need for a business coach. What do they charge? With the investment in the Nationwide Inventory Professionals Business Package and License Agreement, you are able to confidently budget because these costs are included, making it an affordable way to begin and grow your business with no surprises!


Expenses that are not included are your insurance, filing fees with your state, office supplies, and equipment.


How much are the royalties?


There are no royalties! The only ongoing cost is the License Agreement, which is minimal. This enables us to maintain your website, continue to write and distribute your newsletter, support you through ongoing mentoring and coaching, and continue to provide all the other items included in your License Agreement.


What are the benefits of working with Nationwide Inventory Professionals?


You will reap the benefits of support, credibility, and mentoring. There is also the key element of working with someone who has been embedded in the industry. 


Can there be passive business ownership?


You are not required to perform the inventory service directly. As the business owner, you can organize your business as a solo entrepreneur, with a partner, utilizing employees or subcontractors for the labor, or any other format you choose. Create a business model that fits your lifestyle.


What do you mean by flexible hours?


There are a variety of options when owning an inventory business. Some choose to keep their full-time job and offer inventory services part-time. Others focus on developing a full-time business from the start, while some remain in their corporate employment with the goal of full-time business ownership “someday.” Due to the flexibility, it works well for many different lifestyles; i.e., those who are retirees, at-home moms and dads, and others who choose to have a non-structured work pattern.


The flexibility carries over into the service side of the business, providing inventories on various days and times to meet clients’ needs. This enables you to schedule time for family, friends, hobbies, and other employment if you choose.


How do I know this is right for me?


That’s easy! Fill out the short form below and we will send you a series of short emails introducing the key elements of our Business Package as well as the inventory industry. Then, rather than complete a lengthy online survey, we talk to you. Together we’ll discuss what created your interest in this industry, what your goals are, and if it is a good fit for you.



I want to start my own home-based inventory business. How can I learn more?


Request More Information here. We look forward to meeting you!