Georgia Insurance Professional Launches Home Inventory Business

Home & Business Inventory Consultants was developed to provide personal property inventory services in Metro Atlanta.

Tina TaylorPRESS RELEASE – Loving the opportunity to own her own business, Tina Taylor created Home & Business Inventory Consultants (HBIC) in Alpharetta, Georgia. Through three decades in the insurance industry, she has seen the devastation a policyholder faces when they have a catastrophic loss. Tina chose her new endeavor as an opportunity to help others.


Having an inventory of one’s belongings can be a lifesaver to a family should they have a claim that requires them to remember and provide a list of all of their contents. Tina realizes that many people are extremely busy, and many just don’t want to take on this tedious task. Her goal is to help people prepare in case of a loss, which will reduce the stress and frustration during the recovery time.


Her exposure to many different disasters created her interest in the home inventory industry. She sees it as a companion to her current career. Continuing part-time as a customer service representative for an insurance agency, she preferred not to start her business on her own. She stated, I chose to invest in the Nationwide Inventory Professionals business package because it offers, in my opinion, the proven processes and resources that a person would need to be successful in this industry.”


She has since found there is a multitude of other life events that require documentation of one’s assets, such as separation of assets/divorce, prenuptials, and estates. Additional purposes of an inventory for small businesses include asset tracking, budgeting, preventing duplicate purchases, and preparing for buy/sell/merger/acquisitions.


Mike Hartman, founder of Nationwide Inventory Professionals, commented, “Tina is very organized and focused, enabling her to handle business ownership and part-time employment. Her knowledge of the loss one could face can only help her educate others on the benefits of having an inventory of their belongings.”


Tina has achieved her Certified Inventory Specialist designation through the National Inventory Certification Association. Home & Business Inventory Consultants is bonded and insured, providing inventory services in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia.