Get Ready, Get Set, Go for Entrepreneurship

ReadySetGoEntrepreneurship is a dream for many people. Sadly, it often ends up being an unrealized life-long dream.


Why is it, that a desire someone has for years, burning in their belly, goes unfulfilled? Speaking from experience, I have lived a few of those perceived reasons for not starting my own business. My own barriers were all in my mind. I created a good, solid list that gave me permission not to act on what I truly wanted. Some of the reasons I convinced myself were valid were 1) having children to support, 2) not knowing what I really wanted to do, 3) not having the right knowledge, and 4) not having the time.


Looking back now that I’ve been a business owner for over a decade, and now help others start and grow their own home and business inventory service, I just shake my head that I truly believed all of that rubbish.


Why haven’t others pursued their own dream of being an entrepreneur? Most give the same reasons I had. But they aren’t reasons, they are excuses. It is really procrastination, lack of confidence, and uncertainty. There is one sure thought I want to share with you – You will never really be ready.


The reason for that is, you will never be fully prepared. There is always something new to learn. And there is always the chance for failure. That’s the blunt truth.


Starting a business, and growing a business, requires time, devotion, and commitment. It’s easy to start a business. In reality, all you need to do is decide on a name, file it with the state, and in essence, you have started a business. Building and growing the business is the hard part. It takes time – not just months, but years. It takes commitment. It takes dedication. It won’t happen over night – it’s not a one-lap sprint around the track. Business ownership is a marathon. That means you can take your time – even start part time if you want the security of a steady income for a while.


However, whether you jump in with both feet or spend just a few hours a day on your new business, if you aren’t in it for the long haul, then don’t bother starting. There are always reasons to wait if you want an excuse. But never is there a better time to begin your adventure than now.


If you want the world of entrepreneurship, don’t wait until the time is right. In total honesty, the time is never right – so start before you’re ready.


Not ReadyGet set … Go!