How To Know Who To Trust

It’s the start of another year. If you are like the majority, you are realizing that once again your dream of starting a business was put on the back burner. The days passed and 2014 came to a close without any serious action taken. You might be no further along with that dream than exactly that – just being a dream. Will it sit again for another year? Or will you focus and start working toward business ownership? Just taking small steps is better than letting it gather dust.


Where do you start? You probably already know what you want to do, but haven’t decided who you want to help you get started. For most industries, there are many options available. You can, of course, start on your own without any help from anyone. The true entrepreneur, creating your processes and procedures, developing your marketing materials, making all the decisions!


Most people, thought, realize that they need help. If you’re working full time while working toward your dream, you will need assistance just due to the time factor. How do you know which product or service will serve you best? How do you know what company will serve your needs?


This is a common topic when discussing one of my companies, Nationwide Inventory Professionals. Often people inquire about the business package and licensing agreement when doing their due diligence before starting a home and business inventory company. We exchange multiple emails and have a few discussions regarding what we have to offer, so each person can compare our product and service to the software packages, start-up kits, and any other assistance they might be considering. Proper due diligence can help them make the right decision. It can help you make the right decision.


The right decision for one might not be the right decision for another – the prime reason each person must do their own due diligence. Questions to ask (for any product or service) might include:

  • What makes you an expert in your field?
  • What is your support/customer service policy?
  • How soon will I be ready to be in business?
  • What is your guarantee?
  • What is the cost?
  • What other expenses will I incur?
  • Who should I call if I have questions?
  • How soon should I expect a response?
  • Who do I trust to help me meet my goals?

These are key items you’ll want to have answers to before you make your investment. Listen to their words, but also listen to their voice. Do they sound sincere? Do you believe they are answering your questions honestly? Do they respond to your emails? Do they call you back after you leave a message? Their actions speak volumes.


The most important of all the above questions is the one that asks “Who do I trust to help me meet my goals?” Do they display that sense of trust?


To help you learn more about the company and the owners/managers, follow them on social media. This can tell you a lot about the people and the organization. One of the best comments shared by a current Licensee of Nationwide Inventory Professionals explains why this is important. “I followed you for a couple months on Facebook and found you’re the type of person I want to do business with.”  Read what others are saying about them. Obviously, you’ll learn a lot about someone –  who you want to do business with; who you can trust.


You’re making a big decision. Be sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed. When you have gained a level of trust, then you’ll know you’ve chosen the right person and company to work with.