Indiana Home Inventory Professional Chosen As Examiner for Nugent Appraisal

Nationwide Inventory Professionals Licensee, Hartman Inventory, now offers USPAP certified appraisals in central Indiana

PRESS RELEASE – Hartman Inventory, a Licensee of Nationwide Inventory Professionals is the most recent exclusive examiner selected by Nugent Appraisal Services. “As our onsite examiner, the experience and expertise of Hartman Inventory enables us to capture the quality, detailed item information we require to identify items and accurately appraise,” offers firm President Ray Nugent.


Nugent Appraisal Services produce USPAP compliant, certified appraisal reports that meet the highest industry standard, as required by Insurers, Government Agencies, and the Courts. Their reports are used for Estate Settlement, Equitable Distribution, Insurance Scheduling, Damage Claim Resolution, Charitable Donation, Divorce, and Buy/Sell Decisions.


Nugent Appraisal certifies the value of thousands of items monthly from around the country, from digital images, descriptions, and documentation secured by their own appraisers, examiners, and inventory professionals like Hartman Inventory. Ray Nugent adds, “we are excited about the opportunity to bring our service to the Indianapolis area, and the professionals at Hartman Inventory are a critical part of making that happen.”


About Hartman Inventory


Hartman Inventory is a Licensee of Nationwide Inventory Professionals and a nationally certified personal property inventory service for home owners, renters, and small-to-medium businesses. Owners Mike and Cindy Hartman created their business in 2004 after working in the corporate environment for over 30 years. Their passion for this industry was fueled through first-hand knowledge of two burglaries. They realized the value of knowing what you own prior to a loss.


In addition to disaster preparedness/recovery, an asset inventory is beneficial for estate settlement, separation of assets/divorce, prenuptial agreements, and financial and estate planning. Business owners also refer to this document to track assets, planning budgets, eliminating unnecessary purchases, and when approaching a buy, sell, merger or acquisition.


About Nugent Appraisal Services


Nugent Appraisal Services is a Florida-based 3rd generation family-operated personal property appraisal service that has been in business since 1976. Nugent Appraisal certifies the values of Fine Art, Jewelry, Collectibles, Memorabilia, and Residential Contents. The service was started by Ray Nugent Jr., in Naples, FL in 1976. His son, Ray Nugent III, joined the firm in 2001 and moved into the role of managing the daily operations seven years later. The firm now utilizes the talents of three generations of the family, when granddaughter and Appraiser/Gemologist Olivia Nugent joined the firm in 2012. Daughter Carolyn Nugent Olliff and daughter-in-law Gwen Chapman Nugent complete the 5-member family leadership appraisal team.


The firm has added other talented appraisal professionals in order to deliver the highest appraisal standards in the six service offices throughout Florida. In addition to conducting onsite appraisal examinations in homes, offices, and secure facilities, the firm certifies the value of thousands of items every month from around the world from images, descriptions, and documents of origination. The firm serves as the exclusive independent appraisal service of a growing number of U.S. Department of Justice service offices and asset securement services for estates, trusts, and family offices.