Inventory Industry Trailblazers Earn Certification

Leading by example, the founders of Hartman Inventory and Nationwide Inventory Professionals have recently earned their Appraisal Examiner Certification.

PRESS RELEASE – Personal property inventory professionals Mike and Cindy Hartman have been labeled leaders, innovators, front-runners, and trailblazers, to name a few. Their contribution to the contents inventory industry began in 2004 when starting their inventory service and continues today, having achieved the recently developed Certified Appraisal Examiner (CAE) designation. Major accomplishments were achieved between then and now.


The Appraiser Examiner Certification was developed by the National Inventory Certification Association with assistance from appraisal professionals. This new designation helps expand the scope of the inventory industry by serving a need and establishing recognition for this specialized service. Now appraisal firms can locate certified, qualified examiners, and the CAEs have additional opportunities to grow their businesses.


The Hartmans started in the asset inventory industry over a decade ago when they established Hartman Inventory, a home inventory service focused on disaster preparedness and recovery. Having documentation of what you own prior to a loss from fire, natural disaster, or theft assists the policyholder to receive a more equitable insurance claim. Their service expanded a year later into providing business asset inventories. Due to requests from attorneys,  estate inventories were soon added to their list of services. There are now a variety of niches they service for the many times a homeowner or business owner needs to have a record of what they own. The two most recent additions are Collections Inventories and Appraisal Examiner, the latter for which they each achieved the Appraisal Examiner Certification.


The word innovators cropped up after years of honing their inventory service. Seeing the need to help others enter the industry without the long trial-and-error period most new business owners face, they founded Nationwide Inventory Professionals. This license agreement includes a comprehensive marketing package, certification, a manual consisting of proven processes and procedures they developed, and an extensive library of  downloadable templates. Possibly the most important ingredients for their Licensees are their intellectual property and continued mentoring and coaching as they share their knowledge and expertise gained over the years.


When the Hartmans see a need, they find a way to address it. The term leaders in the industry rings true; they are now helping to establish a cohesive industry through their roles as Executive and Managing Directors of the National Inventory Certification Association (NICA). From a husband-and-wife team of inventory providers, to developing a company to coach and help others learn the industry, to supporting an entire industry, it would be appropriate to add front-runners to their resumes. They are truly embedded in the personal property inventory industry.


Taking this leadership role seriously, Mike commented about achieving the Appraisal Examiner Certification, “We must lead by example. If we don’t see value, and place importance on continued education and industry certification, then we aren’t doing the industry justice. It was a very fragmented industry years ago. We are pleased to be a part of bringing the individual business owners together to establish a cohesiveness that will serve all inventory professionals well.”


Choosing to add CAE to the already-earned Certified Inventory Expert designation, the Hartmans show commitment to their goal of excellence. The industry is growing and expanding. As Cindy stated, “Being involved with NICA’s Continuing Education Program, and maintaining the earned designations, is important to remain current within the industry. This is the key for professionalism. We do this for ourselves, for credibility for Hartman Inventory, for our Nationwide Inventory Professionals Licensees, and for the members of NICA.”


Ultimately, the appraisers and the direct clients who contract home and business inventory services are the ones receiving the benefits from the growth of this industry.