Just One More

There is a fine line between success and failure. Entrepreneurs and business owners have walked this line many times. Often it’s as close as just one more step instead of stopping. Instead of letting your dreams stay dreams rather than becoming reality. Instead of settling for something less. Instead of giving up.


If you’re facing some struggles, not quite achieving the success you are working towards, you might wonder how long you should keep going? Or, a better question is: how soon is too soon to stop the pursuit?


Consider how close you might be if you give it just …

  • One more sales call
  • One more phone call
  • One more offer
  • One more networking event
  • One more appointment
  • One more letter
  • One more step
  • One more email
  • One more introduction
  • One more quote
  • One more proposal
  • One more day of your time

If it’s in your heart for success, don’t quit and wonder what might have been. There is always “one more” in you. Don’t live the rest of your life wondering what if you had only given it one more …