Lack – You Can Get Rid Of It

When in conversation with fellow entrepreneurs and business owners, many  comment that they lack enough business. Do you hear yourself saying that you lack enough time, lack enough help, lack enough money, lack enough sales?


Have you considered that when you constantly focus on what you lack and always talk about it that you might be – in a way – accepting it? Of course, I guess it’s easier to talk about it than to actually do something about it. When I hear this constant drone of lacking so many things that I wonder why people bother keeping their business! When constantly complaining about what you lack, in essence you are failing to see all the good things that come with being your own boss.


Rather than thinking you don’t have enough, or that you need more (however you want to look at it), consider looking at the situation another way. One of the suggestions we give our Licensees when they seem to hit a wall, is to step back and look at their business from a different angle.


Rather than looking at it from the angle of “I don’t have,” the next time you start thinking that you can’t achieve something, instead, ask yourself “How can I…”

  • find more business?
  • get more done in the time I have?
  • get help with this project?
  • increase my revenues?
  • add a new service?
  • give more value to my clients?

By not saying that you don’t have, take the issue, and address it from another angle – ask yourself how you can have. Take away the “I can’t” attitude and replace it with an “I can” focus. This way, you’re not telling yourself that you don’t have something you need. You are, instead, opening your mind to possibilities that can bring you what you need and want.


I’m confident you won’t lack some very good ideas. And when applied, you won’t lack success, either.