Nationwide Inventory Professionals Welcomes New Licensee

Long-time insurance agent, Donna Courtney, starts a home inventory business in South Carolina and southeast North Carolina.

After over 30 years of service in the insurance sector, Donna Courtney has utilized her experience and knowledge to launch a home and business inventory service company in Little River, South Carolina.


The idea of owning a home inventory company has been in the back of her mind for about eight years, but she didn’t proceed with the idea because the thought of starting a business from scratch would be too daunting of a task. After much time spent through research, due diligence, and opportunity investigation, Courtney found the answer. “I chose Nationwide Inventory Professionals as the springboard to launch my inventory business. They offer a turn-key, plug-n-play business package. Their professionalism, experience, business background, and encouragement nailed down my decision to move forward with my new career.”


She has always seen herself as an insurance industry advocate, but felt there was more she could do to “make a difference” besides selling insurance policies. Her inventory services will help provide the proof residential and business owners will need to bridge the gap between having insurance and experiencing an equitable claim process.


While many believe that if they have insurance, they don’t need an inventory, Courtney explains, “I have seen the devastation created by fires, thefts, and storms in my role as an insurance agent, and have assisted my clients through these tragedies. I always discussed the need for an inventory to help recover from a loss. When it was time to file a claim, a few were prepared. Unfortunately, most were not.” Now she will provide the inventory service so business owners and homeowners can be prepared.


In addition to disaster preparedness, there are many other life events that require an inventory of one’s belongings, such as estate settlement, financial planning, division of assets/divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, and business asset tracking.


Certified, bonded, and insured, Courtney Inventory provides personal property inventory services for business owners, homeowners, and renters in South Carolina and southeast North Carolina.

About Donna Courtney

Before starting her contents inventory business, she was a long-term property and casualty agent for a major insurance company, and concluded her insurance career while employed with a large South Carolina independent agency.


A native of Tabor City, North Carolina, Courtney has lived in Little River for the past 15 years. Courtney graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in Merchandising, Marketing, and Business Administration. In addition to being a Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) in 2015, she currently holds South Carolina property, casualty, life, accident, health, and broker’s insurance licenses. Additionally, she is a Certified Inventory Professional (CIS) through the National Inventory Certification Association.