Meeting Customers’ Needs

The basic avenue to success is being able to sell a product or a service. To do that, it is essential that you meet the prospect’s needs. Once they find that you are achieving that end goal, they will move from the “prospect” category to the “client” category.


So, how do you meet the needs when there is such a vast number of people, and a huge variety of types of people walking this earth?


One way to serve a larger, rather than smaller, segment of the population is to find a product or service that can meet the needs of many ages, professions, income levels, and lifestyles, with a wide range of needs.

A home inventory serves a wide range of people

As a home inventory service professional, I am often asked what type of people our clients are. There is no one category. Our client base spans young 20-somethings to those in their 80s. Our customers are professionals (doctors, accountants, insurance agents, teachers, attorneys), those who are considered laborers (factory workers, mechanics, house cleaners) and retirees.


When looking at their financial status, our clients also range from living in an 800 square foot apartment to a 17,000 square foot house. Some live paycheck to paycheck and others are extremely wealthy.


The business inventory clients are just as diverse. A sampling of our client base includes accounting offices, law firms, marketing companies, auto body shop, medical practice offices, sign shops, hot air balloon companies, auto repair shops, remodelers, and a variety of home-based businesses.


Another range, or category, of clients include business owners, home owners, renters, executors, attorneys, financial planners – these are the people who purchase or refer their clients to purchase the inventory service.

The needs for a home or business contents inventory are more diverse than the types of clients

The plethora of reasons one hires an inventory service helps keep our days interesting. Our service has been hired to fulfill the following contents inventory needs:

  • Disaster preparedness
  • Appraisals
  • Estate planning
  • Estate settlement
  • Financial planning
  • Knowing the value of assets owned by a business to ensure proper insurance coverage
  • Tracking business assets
  • Preventing unnecessary business purchases
  • Knowing what is in storage

As a home inventory professional, and also a mentor for those wanting to start a home inventory business, you can see why I feel this is a great service. I am able to serve many needs for many people, while providing myself ownership in a business that offers flexibility and variety .