New Year Is A Time To Look Back

At the beginning of each year, there is constant talk about new goals, new plans, new ideas. This is good, as it is important to look forward as we plan for our future. However, it is also important to look back and reflect on the year just completed.


Especially for business owners. It’s a must to pause and remember all you’ve accomplished. Due to the daily efforts of running a business, it is often too easy to forget about the achievements, improvements, and successes you made. This is often due to making small tweaks and adjustments that individually are not much to talk about. But then when you add them all up, you have made major strides to improving, updating, and upgrading your business in many areas of the daily operations.


Take a moment to celebrate! Reviewing what you’ve done will help guide you as you make plans for 2017. It will even energize you! We are pleased with the steps we’ve taken over the past year to make our home inventory business package and license agreement even more valuable. The key improvements are:

  • created a Licensee log-in area on the website that provides resources and tools.
  • improved the manual by adding more quality information, growing it to 200+ pages.
  • developed an area that provides online downloads of all documents and marketing materials.
  • moved the Licensee newsletters to a blog format so they have all newsletter information within a quick search of key words.
  • finalized two business relationships that will enable our Licensees to market additional services – opportunities for additional revenue streams.

Though a lot has changed – and will continue to change – there are a few things that have remained the same – a high quality marketing package, ability to be in business within 30 days, and continued mentoring, as we share our industry knowledge gained through our many years in this industry – all to serve the continued and growing need for a home and business contents inventory service.


How about you? What did you do last year to improve customer retention, increase your customer base, improve your systems, add new processes, etc? Take a moment to write them down. Remember them!