Pennsylvania Life-long Entrepreneur Launches Personal Property Inventory Business

Lavon Frye Kearney recently started Serenity Assured Inventory Solution, LLC to provide an undeniably beneficial service.

Lavon KearneyPRESS RELEASE – Surrounded by entrepreneurs her entire life, specifically her father, Carl D. Frye,  Lavon Frye Kearney has chosen to add another company to her business resume – this time as the owner of Serenity Assured Inventory Solution, LLC.


Kearney’s service helps alleviate undue stress by taking the burden away from not knowing how to create an inventory, finding the time to complete it, and ultimately keep it up to date. It also provides her clients the sense of serenity that comes with the completion of a personal property inventory, whether it be for disaster preparedness and recovery, estate settlement, separation of assets, or the many reasons a business must have knowledge of their asset base.


This lifetime native of Penn Township has always dedicated time to grow and learn. When Lavon was 40 years old, she achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Robert Morris College. Focusing on the asset inventory industry, she achieved her certifications as a Certified Inventory Specialist and Certified Appraisal Examiner.


In addition to higher education, Lavon also has an entrepreneurial background. She was part owner of Manor Valley Golf Course, a family owned business, for 25 years and enjoyed employment as a Sales Associate at another family-owned business, The UPS Store. WIth all of this business background, Lavon still found value in investing in the Nationwide Inventory Professionals Business Package and License Agreement rather than starting her business on their own.


“After extensive research of the inventory industry over the past three years, I’ve realized that having professionally experienced and knowledgeable people like Mike and Cindy Hartman as mentors can mean nothing more than an opportunity for success. As an Accountant and Tax Preparer, people relied on my expertise, rather than just their own knowledge. I will do the same,” Lavon stated.


Cindy Hartman, co-founder of Nationwide Inventory Professionals said, “Lavon understands the value of investing in a tried and proven system that will enable her to start quickly. Her business knowledge gets us through the basics and into the details of developing a professional inventory service at a fast pace. This enables her to be ready to serve her community very quickly. She is a bright and fun person. I’m sure her clients will be completely happy with her and her inventory service.”


Located in Export, Pennsylvania, Lavon serves the metropolitan Pittsburgh area  She is certified by the National Inventory Certification Association, is insured, and holds a Business Services Bond.