It seems almost every blog or article written right now is talking about the year coming to an end or the new year beginning. This is always a time for people who want to start a business give it serious thought. New year, new direction, new focus.


You might be thinking that there are only a few days left, and how many items on your goals list haven’t been accomplish. On the other hand, you could be looking forward to next year already, creating your list of things you want to achieve over the next 12 months. Whether you’re looking at it as what was left undone, or what you will, once again, put on your list of goals, you are taking time to reflect.


Reflecting on what you really, truly want helps you plan, prepare, and then achieve. Don’t spend time thinking about what wasn’t accomplished this year, except to determine if you even want to continue to pursue that goal. You can then give it serious thought on how you will prepare for next year so you can achieve this dream.  Think about where you were last year at this time, and honestly write down why each item wasn’t achieved. Was it money, time, or a combination of both? Maybe you really don’t have your heart in it, but it’s something others want you to do. Possibly you have chosen not to move forward with a few items, but for some reason you keep them in your thoughts. Whatever the reason, take the time to figure out why.  Then you’ll have a clear vision to move forward in whatever direction is right for you. Give yourself true, honest answers so you can begin next year with only those items that are truly in your heart.


This past year might have also been completely rewritten, with new goals and dreams being discovered over these past 12 months. Review where you are, are you enjoying the journey? If not, stop now before you’ve invested in something that won’t give you a reason to get out of bed each morning.


As the owner of a home inventory business and a business that helps others start a business, I can assure you that reflection is an activity that is worth your time and consideration. Some who think of starting a business act on it quickly and without hesitation. They think it, research it, and then get started very quickly, jumping in with both feet. Others think it, ponder it for months, then begin their research before choosing what to do. One big decision is whether to start on you own, buy a start-up kit, invest in a business package that will be a great resource and mentor, or go full-out and purchase a franchise. The choice depends on the person’s needs, expectations, and goals. Once you know the direction you want to take, you’re on your way to meeting the goal of entrepreneurship.


Reflection on your past will help pave the correct path for the coming year. There will be less down time due to indecision. You’ll be able to focus on strategic decision-making. The result will be time and energy well spent, moving toward achieving the success you choose – whatever success looks like to you.