Self-employment Is On The Rise

There are some statistics that show this statement to be true. Others are saying that entrepreneurship has dropped over the past two years. The economy is the main reason given for both sides of the issue.


A slow economic recovery results in job loss, downsizing, and early retirement they say, which means people have no choice but to hire themselves. Self-employment does affect the unemployment numbers. When people stop looking for work, the unemployment rate looks better even though they are still unemployed.


On the other side of the numbers, self-employment positively affects the rate of small business growth. On the other hand, we hear that fewer are starting a new business because of the economy. Fear of the future, fear to invest their savings, etc. Two sides, two results, same reason. So these numbers can say whatever you want them to say. Instead of worrying about the economy, you can do something about it.


Rather than letting the economy control you, choosing to start a business allows you to take control of your own economy. You can choose how many hours your work, how smart your work, and how you are going to build your client base. There is no shortage in the dedication you give your business unless you choose to limit yourself.


In addition to those who lost and need to replace a full-time job, self-employment can serve many other needs. A mother or father who wants to stay home with the children might choose a home-based business because of the flexible schedule they can implement. Retirees might find that they need something to fill their days after working 40 hours a week for over 30 years. Business ownership could be the answer. For those who are in their late 50’s and early 60’s and find themselves without a job, self-employment can be the answer. There is a common thread with this age group – few people will hire them.


Numbers don’t matter. Your dedication, focus, and desire to be successful is what matters. Being your own boss has many advantages, one being that you have control over your own personal economy.