Self-Employment Offers a Different Type of Pay Day

In the typical corporate world, pay day is the same. It’s like clock work, the norm is that you receive a pay check every Friday. Sometimes it’s twice a month. Few, but some, pay just once a month. No matter what the pattern, as they say in the television industry, same time, same channel.


It isn’t a boring process, Receiving money is not boring. However, for those who are self-employed, entrepreneurs, business owners, or sub-contractors – the many titles those who “do their own thing” use to describe themselves – pay day is different.


When you own your own business, you own the control of when you get paid. Control is key because you have ownership. You have instant gratification! Complete a job, get paid. Complete another job, get paid. Exciting times every time you finish something. In essence, you control when and how often you get paid. The control of this process is a huge benefit! Control over when and how many pay days you have each year is exhilarating!


The fun part of pay day in the asset inventory industry is that it happens each time you provide a service. Did you do three this week? You had three pay days!


You finish an inventory for a small manufacturing plant. Pay day! You complete an executor’s estate inventory. Pay day! You provide a proactive inventory for someone who sees the value in knowing what they own in case they have a disaster. Pay day! You complete an update of a current client’s personal property. Pay day!


Have you been thinking of starting a business? Yes, it’s hard work. It takes dedication. And it’s also a lot of fun. The more pay days you have, the more fun it becomes. Every day can be pay day when you are the one making the decisions.