A Simple Formula for Success

Story problems in math class were not my strong point. Just give me the numbers, tell me what I’m supposed to do with them, and I could add, subtract, multiply and divide with the best of them. But give me a story that I need to figure out BEFORE doing the math, and I just wanted to give up.


Fast forward more than 40 years, and I now see why those math problems benefited me. They made me think! They made me understand the big picture and encouraged me to look at events, how each step in the story affected the other, and then enabled me to decipher what it meant. Only then did it all come together to allow me to get the correct answer. Each piece og that math puzzle had a specific purpose to get me to the successful end result.


Now that I’ve chosen the entrepreneurial path, I have my own math story, and the guaranteed end result. Over the years developing a home inventory business and now also a licensing agreement (an alternative to a franchise) for the home inventory industry,  I figured out the main elements that create a formula to success, and want to share it with you now.

Success formula

My formula for success is D+E+B=R. Now, I’m not going to ask you to determine if D and E and B were such-and-such, then what would R be? I can tell you if either D, E, or B were missing, you probably will not achieve R.


So what is each part of this success formula? Success as an entrepreneur or business owner requires a lot of D first of all. D stands for DESIRE. Without a desire to achieve, there is nothing to move you forward. Wanting to be successful is nothing but a dream; desire puts momentum behind it.


The E in this formula is EFFORT. Effort is the momentum placed toward the desire for success. Effort is required to get moving, or you’ll be sitting comfortably in your recliner thinking about, wishing for, hoping you will become successful. Without effort, no fire is lit, and you’ll continue to sit in your chair dreaming.


B represents BELIEF, which is, of course, essential. You can have all the desire and effort in the world, but if you don’t believe in yourself or your dream, you’ll never get there. Without belief, you’ll give up. You might “try” something for a bit, giving it a little effort, but the first small defeat will stop you. When your belief isn’t strong enough, you’ll use any small setback as proof to yourself that it was just an unattainable dream after all. True belief in yourself and your goal, though, will take the desire and effort and see it come to fruition.


These three, then, equal R. The R in this formula is RESULT. Have the desire, fuel it with effort, and drive the effort with a deep belief in yourself. Put these three together and success will be the result! D+E+B=R. It’s a simple formula.


The journey won’t always be easy, but the formula to get there is. And anything worth working toward is worth the time, effort, and energy it takes to get there.