Start A Business – 15 Easy Tasks That Take Just Minutes

The Beginning

Photo credit: PSJ Business Solutions

Many people want to start a business but struggle to get started because they are still employed full time. Working a 40-hour a week job, having family responsibilities, and of course needing some time to sleep, where can you honestly find the time? How do you lay the groundwork to own a business, too?


If you really have the desire to become an entrepreneur and live the dream, you can do it. It is easy to say that you’ll do it tomorrow, but of course, tomorrow never gets here. It’s easy to say you just don’t have the time. It’s also easy to just keep doing what you’re doing and then regret it years from now. It’s easy not to do anything and just keep hoping.  Then does that mean that starting a new business must be really hard?


No! If you have the desire, anything is possible. It might take longer than you want it to. It might be more difficult or more demanding that you thought it would be. But this is important – it is easy to move forward if you set your mind to it.


How do you take that first step? Do just one thing a day. That’s it! Just one thing a day puts you closer to your goal. It will make a big difference in your attitude, your ambition, and your excitement as you find yourself making progress. Small steps at the end of each week or each month result in remarkable progress in reaching your goal. It will even make your time at your current job more bearable, knowing you have taken control.


Where will you find the time? It’s there if you choose to use it. The key is keeping your end result in mind. There are many things you can do to get started; here are 15 items that can take less than 30 minutes each!

  1. Determine a company name.
  2. Research and purchase your domain name.
  3. Apply for your business entity (sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation).
  4. Apply for your EIN number.
  5. If you’re going to be a home-based business, clean out the area for your office.
  6. Purchase your computer, printer, and other office equipment and supplies.
  7. Set up your office.
  8. Meet with a designer to create your logo.
  9. Collect information for your website content.
  10. Get quotes from printers for your business cards and other marketing materials.
  11. Research others in the same industry.
  12. Write content for your marketing brochures, flyers, and other marketing pieces.
  13. Determine company policies.
  14. Purchase accounting software and set up your financials.
  15. Research networking organizations to determine a good fit.


Even if you aren’t starting from the ground up, and purchasing a start-up kit, a business package, or a franchise, many of these tasks will still be necessary for you to prepare. Pursue your dream. Get off the fence. No more excuses. Do these 15, 30-minutes-or-less tasks, and you’ll be on your way.


You’re probably agreeing that these are quick and easy tasks, but just where do you fit it into your already busy schedule? Use your lunch hour, set your alarm ½ hour earlier, or stay up ½ hour later each night. It’s worth losing a little sleep or skipping lunch with co-workers when you have your entrepreneurial goal in site. You’ll be moving ahead, rather than standing still.


Seeing some of the physical signs of your progress (preparing your office, owning your domain, setting up your accounting system) will help anchor you. You are creating your own reality! Each task takes you one step closer to entering the entrepreneurial lifestyle you are striving to achieve. These 15 items will give you the momentum to keep going once you feel the reality taking hold.