Starting a Business Takes a Leap of Faith

Some would say that those who inherited a business are the lucky ones. Well, I’m not one of those. And I don’t agree that they are the lucky ones in the whole scheme of things. Starting up a business, working through the issues, facing major hurdles, and then experiencing success – that’s something those who inherit a business will never feel.


I was in the corporate world for over 30 years. I was blessed with jobs that helped me learn sales, management, customer service, and how to listen to others. And now I use all of these skills on a daily basis as I help others start a business.


However, there is one thing I didn’t learn in school, or on the job. This is a key element of success that is extremely important. No it isn’t luck. In reality, luck doesn’t have anything to do with it. You hear often that it takes hard work, a lot of effort, many months and years of total concentration planning and building a business. All of this is true. But there is one element that can’t be taught in school or through on-the-job experience.

Ya gotta have faith

No one can “teach” you to have faith in yourself. You can read all the self-help books that are in print today. You can attend lectures, seminars, workshops, and presentations about self-esteem and believing in yourself. All of these are essential, too, but there is still one piece to the puzzle, and that comes from within you. You can’t take a quiz, pass it, and walk away saying, “I now have faith in myself.” It has to be something that is deep in the pit of your stomach and in your heart.


In addition to having faith, there is a 2nd part of this that often is what holds people back.

You need to take the leap

Just saying you have faith in yourself that you’ll succeed won’t help you become the entrepreneur you’re wanting to be. Saying you have this belief, and doing something with it, are two different things. You need to have a down-deep-in-your-gut belief in yourself. A belief so strong that nothing and no one can stop you from taking that leap. You have to have even more than belief. You have to have a total desire that you can’t see your life any other way.


Do you feel that? Then and only then will you have the ability to take that “leap of faith” and do it, knowing it’s the right thing to do!


Yes, it’s scary. It’s nerve-wracking. It’s torture sometimes. But when you feel – really feel – that this is what you want, then there will be no stopping you!