Startup Mode Should Never Stop

You have finally decided to start your business. You’ve had the idea and desire for quite some time, and now is the time. You’re ready to enter the startup mode of building your business.


There are many articles, blogs, newsletters, and even seminars that tell people the importance of being “on your game” when starting a business. You need to be confident, professional, interested in others, courteous, and customer-focused. Doing and being all of these will help you connect with others who can help you, it will help you secure clients, and thus, it will help you build your business.


But it doesn’t stop once you’ve passed the startup mode. As the owner of a company that helps people start a business, I learned it myself. I also see it first-hand with those I mentor that you still need to be all of these things, but you need to be them even more once you are beyond startup. Because now you are established and have a reputation to uphold. That doesn’t sound right, does it? After all the sweat and tears, sleepless nights, and sometimes financial stress, you should be able to coast now that you’re successful.

You can’t stop being “it” when you’re a business owner

The reason you can’t stop is evident (I believe this is why many businesses fail). If you built your business on professionalism and being customer-focused, that is now expected of you. How long do you think you’ll stay in business if you stop focusing on these two factors? Not very long. You set a standard for yourself, and it is imperative that you keep that standard, and even improve on it. The saying if you don’t advance, you’re standing still is so true. Even more-so, if you are standing still, you’re really moving backward. There will always be someone entering your industry with that energy, customer focus, and professionalism that you had during your startup. This is the key to remaining in business.


It’s important to always look for ways to improve, keeping the clients’ needs in mind.

Remember how it felt when starting your business

Does this mean you have to always be in high gear? No, there are some things that get easier (getting more sleep is one of them). You’ll have your processes established, you’ll have a great group of happy clients, and you’ll have a reputation of being professional. These won’t stop if you keep the startup mindset you had in the beginning.


Remember how it felt to get that first order. Remember how it felt when you completed the job. Remember how it felt when someone thanked you for what you do. Remember the importance of being professional and customer-focused. These are the startup mode factors that should never stop, as this mindset will help propel your business forward.