Tennessee Licensee Launches Lighthouse Inventory Services

Lighthouse Inventory Services to provide home and business contents inventory documentation and appraisal services.

PRESS RELEASE – Having seen first-hand how not being prepared for a disaster can create significant unrecoverable losses for families and businesses, Jenny Cossett decided to start Lighthouse Inventory Services, a personal property inventory business in Decherd, Tennessee.


Her first-hand knowledge has come through her career as a Property & Casualty Adjuster. During the past 13 years, she has traveled the country where she assisted homeowners in the aftermath of catastrophic weather events including Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and fires in Lake County, California and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.


Having seen the impact on people’s lives and emotions in the aftermath of an event is heartbreaking. She states, “My experience as an adjuster has shown how beneficial a home or business contents inventory can be. I was searching for a home-based business with a flexible schedule that would allow for me to help the people in my community and surrounding areas. The home and business inventory service is able to provide enhancement to my adjusting career by allowing me to help prepare people before something devastating or life-changing occurs.”


In addition to disaster preparedness, Ms. Cossett offers home inventory services for collectibles, separation of assets, prenuptials, estate planning, and appraisals. Her small business inventory service assists with the needs for disaster preparedness and recovery, asset tracking, budgeting, preventing duplicate purchases, and preparing for buy/sell/merger/acquisition transactions.


Though very experienced and knowledgeable as an adjuster, Jenny realized she would benefit from having a mentor as she started her new business. “ It was very difficult for me to find the time to learn a new business and preparing all the marketing materials that go along with it. Becoming a Licensee of Nationwide Inventory Professionals was the answer I was looking for.”


Cindy Hartman, co-owner of Nationwide Inventory Professionals, is pleased to have Jenny as a Licensee. She has such enthusiasm for this industry; her experience has shown her the difficulties people face after a loss. We enjoy working with Jenny and mentoring her during her start-up and will continue to support her while she grows her business.”


Ms. Cossett has earned her Certified Inventory Specialist (CIS) and a Certified Appraisal Examiner (CAE) designations through the National Inventory Certification Association.


Lighthouse Inventory Services is Certified, Bonded and Insured, serving the states of Tennessee, West Kentucky, North Georgia, and North Alabama.