Test Drive Your Business Idea

When you’re thinking of purchasing a new car, you take a test drive to make sure it is the right one. In a recent commercial, a couple has the car for the weekend. A scene shows the husband washing the car, and his wife states that he does know they don’t own it yet, with his response being he is “test washing” it. Her reply is that when he is done, she will go “test shopping.” This exchange shows that this new car is being scrutinized, and will be a major part of their daily life. It also suggests that after checking it out so thoroughly, they will buy it and be quite happy with it.


The same process should be practiced when you have a business idea. As the owner of a company that assists people in starting and growing a successful inventory business, I see the importance of knowing if the business is a good fit. Why did you choose this industry is a question we always ask. Another question that must be considered, is What motivates you to want to own your own business? These questions give us a starting point to help them choose if the asset inventory service is a good fit for them.


A great way to determine that you’ve chosen the right business is to give it a test drive. If you’re thinking of opening a restaurant, work in one for a while – as a waiter, and as a cook/chef. If you’re wanting to start a printing business, spend time as an employee, determining if the creation of marketing materials is what will fill your dreams. Possibly your goal is to be a teacher. Place yourself on substitute lists at local schools. How about a home inventory business? Do your own home inventory. Learn what you like and don’t like about whatever industry you think you want to enter.  It doesn’t matter what industry you choose – lawn care, painting, handy-man, auto repair, cleaning service, retail store, gas station, home health care, etc. If can’t find employment in the area you’re considering, ask to shadow someone for the day or volunteer in that or a similar line of work. Check out the day-to-day operations before you start a business.


When preparing to purchase a new car, you will research, ask questions, and test drive the vehicle. Then, when you know what you want, you’ll be sure to purchase it from a reputable dealer who will be there for you. At minimum, the same should be done before investing in your new business venture. This is so important, because the financial investment in your new business will most likely be more than what you would spend on a new car. Then, when you are ready to become an entrepreneur, you will be more apt to pick the industry and the company with which you want to be affiliated. Your “test drive” will help ensure that you’ve made the right choice, and you will look forward to getting up each morning to serve your clients.