Erin McKay

Absolutely No Comparison – Brings Your Business to a Professional Level!

I purchased the inventory business package through Nationwide Inventory Professionals for many reasons — primarily, the quality of the product. I researched the business idea and several other options that I found available online, as well as considering starting on my own.

After careful consideration, it was obvious that there is absolutely no comparison between the Nationwide Inventory Professionals Business Package and Licensing Agreement and the other packages available to start a professional personal property inventory business. It became clear that starting on my own, without this assistance, would only cost much more money in the long run.

I absolutely believe that they have developed a system that brings your personal property inventory business to the professional level that it needs to be successful, as well as provide clients with the level of service they deserve.

Erin McKay
Northern InventoryAnchorage, Alaska


Greg Holton

I Did My Due Diligence; the Decision Was a No-brainer For Me.

Following 25 years in the insurance business as a multi-line sales agent, I was looking for a new opportunity to utilize my experience working with personal lines clients and small business owners. I came to realize over the years that very few clients were prepared to deal with their insurance company following a serious fire, storm, or burglary. The idea to develop a complementary business that would provide a service of documenting the contents of a home or business seemed like a natural offshoot of my insurance work. Knowing that this type of a business likely already existed, I did my due diligence to find out who the competition would be and the type of services that were being provided. Why reinvent the wheel if I didn’t need to?

I investigated various business opportunities available and quickly came to the conclusion that the Nationwide Inventory Professionals business package was by far the best overall business proposition being offered. The founders have developed the business exactly as I would have done myself, even though they didn’t have an insurance background. I recognized early on that it would have taken me years of solid work employing trial-and-error methods to get to the same point where they are right now. The decision was a no-brainer for me. These folks are the real deal.

Greg Holton
Kendall Inventory Service, LLCIndianapolis, Indiana


“I can spend my time and effort on building my business while you take care of layers of things I don’t have to deal with.”


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