What Are You Waiting For?

Making the decision to start a business is quite easy. You think of the service or product you want to offer to your clients, and decide you’re going to start a business to fill that need.


There. You’re done. You made the decision to start a business.


The difficult part comes next. When are you going to start it? During conversations with those thinking about starting a home inventory business, I hear many “reasons” why they can’t do it right now. There is quite often a statement that goes like this:


I want to start my home inventory business, but I have to wait until…

  • the kids are in school.
  • the kids are out of school.
  • the kids are out of college.
  • I have some money.
  • I have the time.
  • I retire.
  • I semi-retire.
  • my wife/husband retires.
  • we sell our house.
  • we finish remodeling the house.
  • I get done with the training for my new job.
  • I get a different job so I have more free time.

All of these are excuses, not reasons. There is never the perfect time to start a business. You won’t ever have all your ducks in a row, just clearing the way for the absolutely perfect time. However, if you wait too long, you will look back and wonder why you waited. In one year, two years, three years, or even twenty years from now, you’ll either still be waiting for the right time, or you’ll be a business owner. Either way, those years will go by. What will you be doing with those years? Deciding to start a business, or actually owning a business?


What are you waiting for? No need to wait for that goal, that dream. Start now and make it happen!