Why Did You Choose To Do This?

Over the past 10 years, I have been asked this question, or a similar one, so many times I can’t even venture a guess.


“Why did you decide to do inventories?”


“With all the choices, why did you pick such an unknown industry?”


“Why did you you pick a home inventory business?”


“Why did you choose this as your business?


Whatever the exact wording, it is the same question. And my answer is always the same. After two burglaries, and two financial losses, it became apparent that we – and everyone else – need to know what they own. Before establishing Hartman Inventory, we did our due diligence by talking to insurance agents and victims of fires, thefts, and natural disasters. What we learned was exactly what we suspected. Very few people had an  inventory of their contents. We didn’t until our first burglary. Then, thinking it’ll never happen again, we chose not to bother creating our inventory. Unfortunately, it did happen again, and the 2nd time a much larger loss! You know the saying, “first time, shame on you…second time, shame on me.” Well, that was where we were, and once our claim was settled, decided to create our own home inventory.


Unfortunately, most people don’t even know they need to have this information documented. That is, until it’s too late. Loss happens, and people are devastated.


After years of honing our process, it was time to help others who want to start a business. Our business package shares knowledge and experience we’ve gained since 2004. It includes so much more, but I won’t go into that right now – you can find out why it’s called the premier mentoring and licensing program in our industry here if you want to know more.


And now I am asking the “why” question to those who inquire about starting their own inventory business. Their “why” is a familiar story. They either had personal experience, or have seen a friend or relative go through the recovery process after a loss. They tell us they want to help others by providing an inventory service.


There are two key driving forces for those entering this industry – 1) they had a loss/have someone close who had a loss, and 2) they want to help people.


What a great industry with which to be associated – people taking their own experience of loss and destruction, and finding a way to serve others so they can choose not to face that possibility.


How about you? Are you a soon-to-be entrepreneur? What is it that is pulling toward a specific industry or sector of an industry? What is your why?