Why You Are Not Alone

One might think being a home-based business owner would be a lonely life. Working from home can give the impression that I (and all home-based entrepreneurs) are alone. Or even worse, lonely.  We aren’t.


There are many reasons that I am not alone, nor do I feel lonely. First and foremost, I see clients on a regular basis. When I provide my asset inventory service for homeowners and business owners, I am out of the house and at their location. Most often, during these jobs, I am with either the homeowner, or business owner, and often surrounded by all the employees. They are often interested in what I’m doing, so conversations begin on why it’s important to have an inventory of one’s contents. These conversations are fun for me and enlightening for them.


Your next thought might be, but what if your clients aren’t local? My own experience, by being a mentor for home inventory professionals, shows that the telephone can be a lifeline that removes the feeling of being alone. I have regular telephone conversations with our Inventory Professionals Licensees, often covering personal topics as well as business.

Alone as a home-based entrepreneur

I’ll share with you some issues that can appear negative, along with my solutions.

  • Issue: It’s too quiet.
  • Solution: Turn on the TV or radio.
  • Issue: Some say they need to collaborate with others.
  • Solution: Choose a project and invite someone to work on it with you.
  • Issue: I need to talk to people.
  • Solution: There is the telephone, Skype, Google Hangouts. You can also visit or call clients, former clients, and prospective clients. What’s stopping you?
  • Issue: I need to be able to kick ideas around with others.
  • Solution: Join a group of other entrepreneurs for brain-storming sessions.
  • Issue: I need the energy of being with groups of people.
  • Solution: Network, invite someone to lunch, attend business functions, join an organization. The opportunities are endless.

Benefits of being home-based

Of course, one can choose to hibernate and remain in the office, alone, but that would be a choice, not a result of, being home-based. There are many advantages to consider. Some are:

  • Complete control of your time.
  • Interruptions are at a minimum, since a variety of people aren’t stopping by your office to chat.
  • Focus for long periods of time.
  • Comfort.
  • Schedules are extremely flexible, especially when repairs and deliveries are necessary.
  • No commute time.

Home-based entrepreneurs are only alone when they choose to be. The key word here is “choice.” What do you think? If you’re not a home-based business owner, would you like to be? If you’re ready to start a business, would this be your choice?