Ya Gotta Have the Passion

Before I started my business, before I even had decided what my business would be, I was told over and over by other entrepreneurs that I needed to have a passion for whatever I do. They said without it, the chance for failure would be much higher than normal.


Most everyone said that this passion would keep me going when I felt too tired to keep going. My passion would help me fight the fear and uncertainty. The passion is one single thing that would help me battle the feeling of being overwhelmed with all the tasks that come with business ownership.


I have to admit they were right. The passion I have for my home inventory business has been the one strong force that kept me moving forward.


So when someone who was interested in becoming a Licensee of Nationwide Inventory Professionals asked me about the passion, it was my turn to have “the talk.” His first statement was, “I don’t think I can develop a passion for counting things or taking pictures.” Fair enough.


He was surprised when I agreed with him. I said, “I don’t have a passion to do those things, either.”


I shared this story to help explain. I don’t wake up every morning, jump up and down with delight because I get to go create a list of someone’s belongings and take photos of them. Certainly not an exciting or high passion task. But completing these activities is what fills my passion to help others. Without that information, our clients will not be able to remember all they owned after their contents are gone due to fire, theft, for a natural disaster. They won’t be able to provide serial numbers to the police to prove ownership. If it’s an estate inventory, I relieve a lot of stress for the executor so he or she can focus on their other responsibilities. Each time I complete an inventory, I know I have helped my client, either emotionally or financially – and often – both.


I could have chosen another industry that would have provided the same. But since I experienced a loss, I know how devastating it is to try to recover. I knew there was a real need for a home and business inventory professional and decided that pursuing a home inventory business was the right business for me.


Getting a hug, seeing tears of relief or gratitude in their eyes, receiving a thank you note in the mail – all of these and many other expressions of gratitude confirm that being a home inventory professional fulfills many needs. A home inventory is the vehicle to drive my passion to help others!